Who's on First? The USS Nationals Field on Game Day!

May 17, 2016


The current count of YOUR United States Strongman Nationals in Louisville, KY at 4th Street Live is 264! That could make for a long, long day! However, your Executive Council for USS Nats is on the job! The McCann's and the Four Horsemen got together this weekend and laid out a plan for USS Nats that will not only ensure a smooth and efficient contest, but will keep it fun, fast and entertaining! So, here are some of the things you need to know to play your part and help create a successful day.


The event will be run in two groups. The A Group will be LW Open, LW Teens, LW Masters, MW Open, HW Teens, HW Masters, HW Open and SHW Open Women and LW Open, LW Teens, LW Masters Men. So all women and LW men will be in the A Group.


The B Group will be MW Open, HW Teen, HW Masters, HW Open and SHW Open Men plus Pro Masters and Junior Worlds. So, MW Men and heavier men will be in the B Group


Each group will be assigned an expeditor. He will be the man with the bullhorn. Get to know your expeditor. Get to recognize his voice. He will be your lifeline. He will line you up and get you where you need to be. If he calls for your group, pay attention!


Your competition place will be assigned by reverse entry order and will remain the same throughout the event until the stones. On the Atlas Stones the competitors will run in reverse order in each sub group. So, competitors will earn their placing only on the Atlas Stones. This means that you will compete with the same group of 4 all day long except on the Stones. Get to know your group, take selfies together and be ready to go when it is your time!


Each event will run 4 athletes at a time. Events one and two will run simultaneously. Events 3 and 4 will run simultaneously. The first two events are Log Press and Anderson Powerlifting Deadlift. The next pair will be the Fingal Fingers and the Conan's Wheel. The Stones will run alone. As a sidenote, the Hercules Hold will take place on the mainstage right before the Atlas Stones and will feature the Pro Masters and Junior Worlds competitors only. 


Also, bring your hot rub, stretch bands, foam rollers and whatever else you need to warm up before the event. Once the event starts there will be no warm-ups on the field. 


Here is the order:


Group A: Log

Group B: Deadlift


Group A: Deadlift

Group B: Log


Group A: Fingal Fingers

Group B: Conan's Wheel


Group A: Conan's Wheel

Group: B Fingal Fingers


Hercules Hold: Pro Masters and Junior Worlds


Group A: Lane 1 & 2 on the Atlas Stones

Group B: Lane 3 & 4 on the Atlas Stones


The United States Strongman 4 Horsemen, the McCanns and 4th Street Live are proud to bring you the USS National Championships!  This will be an amazing event with multiple opportunities for all of you! We can only be successful if we all work together! Let's have a fantastic day! Let's send some great athletes all over the World to compete! Let's make memories while we make history! But most of all, let's have fun out there!


We look forward to seeing y'all in Kentucky!





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