Your United States Strongman: Motor City's Strongest Man!

March 17, 2016

 Show number seven is in the books, and I can say this was another great showing by all athletes. This contest is run every year as a fundraiser for a scholarship I personally give all the proceeds from the contest, away to a four year football player who is a well rounded member of the school in academics, athletics, and community service. This year’s winner was Kyran Daniels who will use the money to help continue his education at Olivet University.



Before, I move into the contest and the highlights of each event, I want to THANK a couple people who make this show possible. First I have to thank my wife (Crystal) for always doing a great job scoring, hosting people at our house, and dealing with me. Adam Daniels and Jeff Pruitt, for making sure our football players were moving weights and helping do all the small things. My football players for volunteering their time to help do the dirty work of moving weights. Willie Wessels for keeping the crowd entertained on the mic, along with Shane Rickman, Ashley Lawrence, and Dean Nascimben for judging all the athletes and Christian Saba and Bee Lyn(as everyone knows her), for scribing the scores. And to Stacy West for all the small things, and my babysitter for dealing with my little monster all day so he could watch or run around. Becky Mayhew Wilson, for working on the athletes during the day.  Thank you for all your help to make this happen.


Now, onto the contest and the great performances by the athletes. We started out with the max log press. In the log press the 165- class there was a tie with Brandy Shumaker and Brogan Brege both hitting 150 on their third attempt, in the 165+ class there was a three way tie with Jessie Erickson, Brandi Becker-Wright, and Lisa Bryant each hitting 140, but Lisa got the win hitting it on her 2nd attempt. For the men Mark Jones won the 198 class with a 260 log, in 220 class both John Albrecht, Jimmy Mitchell, and Justin Blake each hit 310, but John got the win hitting it on his 2nd attempt. In the 242 class Jake Webb hit 300 on his first attempt for the win. Jake Harmon and Shawn Horetski both tied with a 320 log in the 275- class. Chris Vachio won the 275+ class with a 320 log.





In the Deadlift medley in the 165- class 6 out of the 8 athletes were able to get all four lifts but Josie Bennett won the event by two seconds. In the 165+ class Brandi Becker-Wright won lifting three of the four in just under 11 seconds. In the 198 class Mark Jones was the only on to complete all four lifts to get the win. In the 220 class Jason Gabor (missing for 4 year) just beat Justin Blake by less the 0.5 seconds. In the 242 class Josh Swisher smoked the four implements for a win. In the 275- class Aaron West won the event with a blazing time of just over 15 seconds with the last lift being 605. Chris Vachio with ball gag had to up Aaron to win his 275+ class with a time of 13.52 for the win.


Now to the speed event of farmers for 70’ which was a great event to watch as all heats were fast. We start off with the 165- class where Nicole Walters took the tanks the distance in just under 10 seconds.  For the 165+ class Jessie Erickson was the only 165+ athlete to complete the course for the win in just over 11 seconds.  For the 198 class Mr. Jones continued his streak of wins with a blazing time of 10.56, but Mr. Albrecht was the only middleweight to have a sub 10 second time of 9.31, so get his win in the 220 class. Jake Webb won the 242 class with a time of 10.47, but Mr. West and Jake Harmon had to show the Heavy weights a real drag race with Mr. West edging his mentee with a time of 9.22 to edge him out by less than 0.5 seconds. And Nathan Niedzwiecki started to show the 275+ his speed by completing the course 7 seconds faster than any other 275+ guy.


On to the sandbag carry down and back for time. In the 165- class Mrs. Shumaker showed her speed by completing the course in 16.31 seconds almost a full 5 seconds ahead of everyone else. In the 165+, Jessie continued her streak of wins with a time of 20.78 seconds. Mr. Jones continued to show his speed in the 198 class with a time of 16.88 for another win, but Dave Pankow in the 220 class showed him that he was the man in the middle weight class with the real speed on the sandbag with a time of 15.92. On to the heavyweights where in the 242 class Mr. Webb won in a time of 17.69. But it was Mr. Harmon who had the fastest time of the day with the heaviest bag (275) in a blazing time of 15.35 to win the 275- class, and Mr. Vachio won the 275+ class with a time of 19.31.



Before the tire flip I honored Jared and Dana Spybrook with the first ever Motor City’s Strongest Man/Woman hall of fame award. Unfortunately, Jared got injured in the first event but is doing better now. They were honored for all they have done with Strongman in Michigan over the past decade, not just what he did in the sport (first HW and LW pro, and first two time LW-Pro national champ). But for getting myself and almost all us other old time strongmen in Michigan involved. And for Dana for dealing with all the athletes, contest, and mostly Jared over that time. The video is on Facebook for your viewing. I want to say thank you again for all they have done for me, my contest, and the sport. Thank you.



The last event was the ever famous MOTOR CITY tire flip, an event that is a Motor City must. In the 165- class Nicole Walters finished the course in 35.48 seconds for the win, and in the 165+ Jessie won her third event with a time of 43.34. In the 198 class Mike Chisholm ended Mr. Jones streak of wins by winning the tire in a time of 26.9 seconds, but Mr. Gabor showed all the middle weights that this 550 tire was easy flipping it the distance in 19.25 seconds to win the 220 class and have the fastest middleweight time. In the 242 class Mr. Webb won with a time of 26.55, Shawn Horetski won the 275- class by edging out Aaron West by less than a second. It was Nathan Niedzwiecki who had the fastest time with the 700lbs tire in the heavy weight class winning it with a 24.6 seconds.




Before we get to the awards, I have to thank 5th Avenue of Royal Oak, Spider Tack, Talos Nutrition. A big thank you to, Dr. Plomaritis (for his support with the contest and the athletes) who left the show to check on Jared on his day off and fix him up the next day. Make sure to support the companies that support you and United States Strongman. Look forward to seeing everyone June, 11th in Louisville.


Final Placings




Brandy Shumaker



Nicole Walters



Katherine Ebach