Virginia is Fine at 39!

March 15, 2016


YOUR United States Strongman is proud to welcome the 39th state and new Virgina State Representative, Jason Struck to the Revolution! Here is more from Jason!


My name is Jason Struck, and I love Strongman. I started learning the implements from a very experienced coach in 2007, but only weighing 170lbs at the time, I didn't take competing myself very seriously (there weren't a lot of lightweights back then). I got really busy finishing my degrees in exercise science (BS from VCU, and MS still in progress also from VCU) and running a very successful Crossfit gym (Crossfit Full Circle in Richmond, VA) and decided to put Strongman on the backburner for a couple of years. 


In 2012 I coached my first athletes through their first shows. Each year, a few more athletes signed up. In 2014 I started competing myself (at the tender age of 35). By that time, I was coaching 10 women and several men, who were competing multiple times a year, and I was spending at least one weekend a month on the road competing or coaching at a Strongman show. If we weren't on the road, there was a good chance we were hosting training camps or workshops for other athletes to come to our gym to train. In 2015 we started to have more and more athletes medal at shows, placing higher in tougher divisions or more challenging contests, and we hosted our own show. While I had volunteered at several shows, promoting my own was a huge source of pride, excitement and FUN. I was hooked. Because of Strongman, I have personally done things I never thought I would be capable of, whether it be lifting an odd object, changing my body or packing my facility full of hundreds of excited people for a huge contest. 



As a part of the USS team, my mission is to continue to grow the sport outside of the confines of my own little world. I can't wait to help other coaches grow their programs and athletes, and other promoters run larger, more efficient and challenging shows that are rewarding for both the athletes and the spectators. I firmly believe that we make this sport better by making it more welcoming to novices, female competitors and spectators. I specifically have a lot of experience introducing new people to the sport, and believe that I can help others do the same and in doing so, together we can grow the sport we love. 


I can't wait to meet you! 





Welcome aboard, Jason!!!

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