Friends of USS: Talos Nutrition!

December 21, 2015


YOUR United States Strongman is proud to welcome Talos Nutrition to the USS Revolution. Talos is a new supplement company founded by DOCTORS and based on research. If you want to feel better in your day to day activity or reach the next level in your competition then TALOS has you covered. 


Talos Nutrition is owned and founded by medical professionals. We have over three decades of experience helping people from all walks of life—from the very ill to elite athletes—achieve their optimum health and performance. We’ve accomplished this by building supplements based on the most current medical research, combined with our personal experience treating tens of thousands of patients. In the beginning of our practice, we quickly learned that most people who came to see us were using poorly made supplements. They were often not bio-available or too far below a therapeutic dose to be beneficial. Those patients who were getting decent supplements were paying an 
extravagant amount for what they actually received. Because research proves that high quality products taken consistently create outstanding results, we started providing optimally made supplements at an affordable price so people could take them consistently. We firmly believe a supplement regimen needs to contain high quality ingredients in therapeutic doses and be convenient, practical, and affordable.


Creating formulas with high quantities of a supplement and combining multiple supplements presents some unique obstacles, not to mention the challenge of creating a great tasting formula. It may not surprise you to learn that these nutrient-dense ingredients are less than delicious by themselves. Combining the right nutrients for maximum benefit and great taste is a science, so to perfect our formulas we worked with a Harvard biochemist who is a Doctor of Biomedical Research and a former Medical Research Scholar for the National Institute of Health (NIH). Our goal has always been to make the best formulations with the best ingredients and still get the best
taste. We’ll continue to introduce a variety of flavors to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. 

 Every day we see athletes who are frustrated that they aren’t experiencing the gains they expect for the effort they put into their workouts. For example, they aren’t losing weight or gaining muscle as desired. Body fat is not decreasing appropriately. They experience poor energy and recovery times, often accompanied by excessive soreness. Invariably, for the high intensity athlete, this is due to lack of appropriate supplementation to augment a good nutrition program. You cannot perform as a high level athlete in any sport, or at CrossFit, as a marathoner, triathlete, or bodybuilder without a strong and consistent supplement regimen. Taking a bottle of protein only occasionally because it's too expensive or it tastes terrible is not going to yield results. Taking a pre-workout that is mostly stimulants and caffeine and lacks high enough doses of performance improving, muscle building nutrients is going to leave you lacking. The right supplements not only promote good health and disease prevention but also improve athletic performance and outward appearance.


 We have formulated some of the most nutrient-dense supplements you can buy. We’ve also made them some of the most affordable. We know that the results of a high quality
product that you can afford to be consistent with will speak for themselves. You’ve probably noticed that most manufacturers keep supplements separate, requiring you to buy more bottles of product to meet your needs. At Talos, most of our products have a multitude of combined ingredients, which makes taking our supplements more convenient, practical, and affordable. For example, our high-quality whey isolate protein also includes branch chain amino acids (BCAA), trace minerals, enzymes, and 
vitamins, for a much lower price than popular poor quality proteins without any additional nutrients. 


In addition to providing incredible quality and value, we also aim to educate consumers. Many athletes are educated, but we’ve found that numerous myths about supplementation and nutrition are accepted as fact. Believe it or not, gym buddies and the occasional internet article are not the best resources on current medical research regarding supplementation. But as medical professionals, we’re constantly studying the latest research on nutrition and athletic performance. This is what we do! You may have heard there isn’t research on supplements, but if a person hasn’t found the research, it’s because they haven’t dug into the mountain of studies on this topic, analyzed the findings, and drawn accurate conclusions. We get it. It’s a lot of work. We know because we’ve done it. We use this information to help people everyday in our very busy medical practices. We founded Talos Nutrition because we decided it is time to make medical food-grade supplements available to athletes at an affordable price. We have provided brief but insightful information sheets on each of our products that we invite you to read.


Our goal is to make these products available through fitness professionals like your CrossFit box owner, gym owner, or personal trainer. As fitness experts, they have devoted their lives and businesses to helping you reach your goals. Talos Nutrition will give them the opportunity to offer you supplements to help you reach those goals faster and more effectively. Now the experts you trust will have the highest quality products at the most affordable prices in the convenience of your own gym.


For more information from our FRIENDS at Talos Nutrition click the icon below to be directed to their website or visit them on social media!







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