US Strongman Affiliate Gym: Impact Fitness in Monroe, MI

November 11, 2015



 Why do I want to have my gym certified as a U.S Strongman Facility? The first thing I want to say is...why not? I have been lifting weights since I was 19 years old; consequently, I have done various routines, methods, philosophies and styles. With this being said here is a brief about myself: 



 At age 20 in 1989 I broke my left tibia and fibula in 12 places playing baseball. This didn't hold me back, I still trained twice a day for at least 2 days a week. in 1990 I broke the same leg nearly the same spot in 8 places riding a dirt bike, again still weight trained. In 1991 I joined the U.S Army as a Parachute Rigger and became a Paratrooper! While on a jump I "tweaked" and ankle; consequently, after 3 more jumps and over a month and a half of running on it the doctor finally "discovered" that I had broken the ankle and destroyed all three ligaments in that ankle. While in the army we would do our normal training and then a fellow soldier and myself would go and train with weights at lunch and then do ruck marches at the evening. Trust me it was very difficult to maintain the 209lb. weight i was caryying with all this training; however, what i did discover about myself is the mental side of the game makes the physical side easy. I learned i can do anything that my mind allows me to, physically and in life. 


 Fast forward to 2011 and training for what would be my first bodybuilding show..which ultimately led to a knee scope that went bad and then a left knee replacement at the age of 43 which cost me my job of a Nuclear Response Force Member.  With this difficult circumstance it was time to face reality on how to support three boys? I started personal training for 3 years and when the facility that I was training at was bought out and the hollow promises of a new owner that was clueless on how to run a gym, I did the only thing I knew how to do...Pull my self up and open my own training facility, not a gym. The question that i had to answer is how to do it? Do i stick my toe in the water and test it??? Or revert to my Paratrooper instincts ..."when in doubt make decision, right or wrong making a decision is better than thinking about what to do!" What did I do...I get naked and cannonballed into  the water!! I dumped all the money i had drained bank account to less than $100.00 and bought all the used equipment and some new. The plan is starting together and some gyms in my area are starting to get nervous....well its time to make them afraid and Strongman is the way to do it!!


 I have since then been searching for a method of training where muscular atrophy isn't a determining factor....This is what led me to strongman training and interest. I dabbled with the power lifting, but with the restrictive range of motion etc. dead lifting is very difficult. I know that this movement used in strongman also; however, there are so many other avenues in strongman that i can train in and do other events to where as i can feel full filled as a disabled veteran. I do believe i will compete one day; however until that time i do BELIEVE that strongman training is one of the best methods to train. Actually, as I type this I actually implement some strongman training to my 15 year old twins that play hockey and baseball. I also use it in my other football, volleyball, golfers and hockey players. They find this as a great method of cardio, explosiveness, endurance and just raw strength!!




For more information please feel free to contact me @ or call 734-872-1700 cell 734-872-1700 gym

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