US Strongman Affiliate Gym: TEAM BSS Fitness & Training in Boardman, Ohio!

October 26, 2015

Owned by Shawn and Brandy Schumaker, TeamBSS is a training facility that offers bodybuilding contest prep, strongman, powerlifting, general fitness and a CrossFit program. BSS also hosts several different competitions each year including bodybuilding, strongman and competitive fitness.


Utilizing functional training techniques in our classes and training sessions, is the core mission at Team BSS Training & Fitness, in order to provide our clients with safe, efficient, fun and effective methods of training that can be done by anyone, no matter their level of fitness or experience.  




I can't say how excited I am that Shawn and Brandy's Team BSS Gym is the first United States Strongman Affiliate Gym. When they threw their first sanctioned NAS contest several years back, I went as a representaive to oversee the event. At that time, in all candor, I was pretty burned out on strongman as a whole. It just wasn't fun anymore.


But when I arrived and saw the enthusiasm of the promoters, the staff and competitors I felt a little fire start to burn again. Shawn and Brandy were gracious hosts and avid learners. They wanted to know all about strongman, they wanted to throw a great show and they genuinely gave a shit about their competitors and staff! To this day I credit Shawn and Brandy for getting me re-excited about the sport I love.



Not only do the folks at TEAM BSS train athletes in mulitple disciplines to include Strongman, CrossFit and Body Building, they also compete! Brandy Schumaker is a Natural Pro Bodybuilder and a top level LW Strongwoman. Shawn is also a Natural Bodybuilder and a US Strongman Max Deadlift record holder in the 220 class. And, Brandy's kid sister, Ashley Lawrence? She is the US Strongman LW National Champ! 


So, if you want an amazing work-out experience TEAM BSS is for you! If you want to attend a well run, fun contest then a TEAM BSS show needs to be on your list! If you want to be around genuinely awesome people, the Schumaker's have your hook-up!


Check them out on the web:






And, if that isn't enough, Shawn also makes some killer T-Shirts! Check out the new MJ line coming soon!






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