My US Strongman: The VEEP at The Florence Strength Challenge

September 3, 2015


This past weekend (Aug 29) I competed at Lee Woody’s Florence Strength Challenge in Florence, KY.  Going into the contest I was planning on competing as a MW 220.  I ended up being the only one registered so I competed up at HW 275 against two great guys, Dan Mason and Matt Garree. Also, I went into this contest wearing a different hat.  I was not just a competitor – this was my first contest as the USS VP.  So, while competing, I was also trying to be available as a resource and observer to help Lee’s contest grow for the future.


The events on the docket were the Log Press, Farmers Walk, Truck Pull, Hercules Hold, and the Stones. I went into to this contest a little unprepared after having a back issue with my L2.  Thanks to Doc Todd and Tyler miller, I got fixed and back to training safely ASAP.


On the Log Press I was able to get 9 reps at 240#.  This was good enough for a tie for first with Dan.




Up next was the Farmers walk for 75’ with 285 per hand. I clocked in at 9.94, good enough for first.  This was a surprise for me…  Prior to the show I was still testing my back on the picks and had not walked more than 30’.




Third was the Truck Pull. The course was a little short but that was a choice made due to a few spots on the course causing stall outs. I took second with time behind Matt by about a second.



The fourth event was the Hercules Hold.  I had been looking forward to this all day. I had no idea what to expect, but I was going last based on overall score so I knew what I had to do for a win.  Lee had a great set up and I had great insight on training the event from USS Prez, Willie Wessels. I used a hooked grip and held on for 17 seconds. I may have had some more but my thumbs hurt and I think my grip was about to go anyway.




The last event was the Atlas stones.  The platforms were tall too, starting at over 60” for the first two.  I loaded the first stone to secure the overall win and then the next two for the event win.  The third stone was the same weight that I hurt my back on so I was a little apprehensive. Due to that I struggled to load it at first. But, I got it up!




What I revel in are these things:

1)    1.   My best supporter and best friend, my Wife, Amanda was there with my kiddos.

2)    2.   My old man Jim Albrecht was there to support as well.

3)      3. I got to observe and help out at a well-run first show – Lee and his crew did a heck of a job, and he had solid staples helping his out including Chris Vachio and Davey McCann.

4)     4.  I was proud to have this show as a USS show.  This is one to add to your calendars.

5)      5. I had the opportunity to meet and work with a potential partner and sponsor of USS. 

6)      6. The food was REALLY good, and healthy!

7)     7.  Lee was ready to make some adjustments already thinking about the next one!



Up next: Hope for the Holidays!


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