If You Want Gluten Free, Non-Fat, Vegan...This Ain't It! Buffalo Chicken Dip, US Strongman Style!

December 10, 2014

Ingredients…  this makes a Quart of this crap - that is 32 oz.  Damn it's good.


8 oz cream cheese – any brand will do but not that low fat garbage.  Get the real deal.


2 cups of cooked  and shredded chicken….  Let’s be honest, getting the cheap canned stuff is best and saves time.  Drain the cans!  What sort of person are you that puts the chicken water into buffalo dip?  Seriously.


4 oz of ranch or bleu cheese dressing.  I can’t believe that the cheese that is BLUE is spelled bleu… the French. I use Ranch anyway.  It is more American.


4 oz of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce or Buffalo Sauce.  i like to mix n match. I put that $h!t on everything!


Half cup of shredded cheese.  You could also use cottage or bleu (there’s that spelling again) but mozzarella makes it into gooey goodness.


Empty all contents into a crock-pot.  IF you don’t have a crock-pot, go buy one – it is worth the investment just for this meal if not more.  I suggest Costco for purchase.  Can’t go to Costco? Get a membership.  It is worth it.  Still not sold?  Now, you’re ticking me off…


Turn the crock-pot that you just bought to “HIGH” and start mixing. Mix it regularly sampling as you go.  When it is all good and melted and mixed up, turn it to “Warm”


Skip the chips, grab a fork and dig in.  Garnish with beer.  None of that crafty stuff either.  A Bud Diesel is ideal.


Also, see attached… I made a calculator for when you want to make more because most people don't math very well.


You’re welcome, Damn it.




All My Love,


John Albrecht











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