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September 4, 2014

Your United States Strongman, Inc. Nevada State Representative, Justin Purcell will be hosting a fun Halloween event this year. Justin is a fiery competitor and advocate for the sport of strongman. Here is Justin in his own words:


Justin Purcell:
302 lbs in season
270 off season


Originally from Los Gatos, CA, but I've had the privilege of living all over the country. Residing in las vegas for the past 4 years, been training my body for strongman for the past 6 years. I played fooball for 10 years prior to strongman. Initially I trained with Nick Best when I moved to Las Vegas, then branched out and started my own strongman team. I've been competing in NAS since 2011, competed at two giants live qualifiers hosted by Nick Best.


I've hosted Nevada's strongest man since 2011, an annual charity event where we really try to get new comers involed in the sport with a novice class, and months prior I offer free training to those who want to try the best overall strength sport in the world. We also hold a very competitive women's, men's lightweight, middle weight, and heavy weight classes to qualify for nationals. All proceeds are donated.

In 2012 I competed as a power lifter in bench and deadlift, and became a 2012 world champion.


My daily training is high volume, single muscle groups, I have a 6 day lifting split, then the 7th day is event training. I don't incorporate an off day because my body reacts better to constant demand. I generally have 50-60 working sets each day, and event training for 3 hours where I focus on 4 or 5 events each week. 

In 2012, I flew to Connecticut and got worlds strongest man certified through Derek poundstone. I've been sponsored by Muscle foods USA, and Hydraulix since 2013 and I've had amazing support from M.R.I and NDS nutrition! Without my sponsors I wouldn't be where I'm at today.


I've been competing in both strongman and powerlifting throughout 2013, and 2014. Looking forward to another giant's live qualifier, and world championships in powerlifting. Promoting the sport of strongman and emphasising how amazing the sport is, is a passion of mine. I live for the training, the athletes, and the spectators! Strongman needs to be in every serious athletes training regimen even if they compete in other sports. I'm going to try and hold 3 competitions per year here in Las Vegas, and work with other promoters to get the events bigger, better, televised, and known!  Thank you!



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