"Strongman Making Strong Men!" "Strongwoman Making Strong Women!"

August 23, 2014

To all Strongman promoters, athletes and friends,


This is something I have been thinking about for a while, just how  and when to do it has been the question. All of us are professionals who choose to do strongman and strongwoman training and competitions. We are teachers, nurses, mechanics, chiropractors, college students just to name a few. I think it is very cool when the NFL and WWE and other professional athletes take time out of their busy schedules to visit kid either in hospitals or making a wish come true. Sure many of us dreamed about being a professional ball player but the fact is we are professionals in our area and we are athletes. I think we are more relatable to the public. Very few kids will be “professional” athletes.The majority of kids out there are going to be more like us.


So here is my thought, if you know a kid or young adult maybe a family friend or in my case a family member, we could make a difference in just a couple of minutes. Many of you do this already when you take people into your training groups and give them something to work for. Let’s give them a t-shirt that will say “Strongman making strong men!” or “Strongwoman making strong women!” Tell them what this sport has done for you. Tell them your story about life experiences. Even if it is a one time encounter or they become a life time friend you will have made a difference. I am going to start this with my December contest Hope 8. Everyone who enter will get two t-shirts. One for them and one to give to that kid/teen/adult who needs to know there is someone out there who cares enough to take a little time for them. 


I’m often reminded how much taking time means. I was out for supper a couple weeks ago, and this young lady that walked in. I recognized her face but couldn't remember her name. She smiled and said “hello” and  so did I. I asked her how she was doing. Then she realized who I was jumped over the table and gave me a death hug. She said, "Mr Wessels! I thought I would never see you again." Then it hit me. Deja? She smiled and nodded. I had her in 7th grade. She was so mean and nasty to everyone. She moved away but now is back for her senior year at the high school where I coach. She told me it meant so much to her how I would take time to talk to her. That I was nice to her even though she was a real pain. 


I have a boy on my track team who's Dad lives 10 minutes from him. He has not seen his dad in 9 years. I have taken him under my wing and well he place 5th at States this year in the long jump. He just needed a male he could trust. We will be life long friends. 


All of you make a difference. When I go to contests I am inspired by you guys to train harder. The effort all of you put out is amazing. If someone wants to make their own version of this shirt and start doing this sooner then Dec 20th that is great. I would love to have as many States involved in this as possible. Maybe put your training groups logo on the back of the shirt. 


As a strongman community we give to our training partners, families and friends. We can continue to do what we already do with a smile, a pat on the back, a hug, an encouraging word and a t-shirt that says: 


“Strongman making strong men!” or “Strongwoman making strong woman!” 


Let's do this.


Willie Wessels

President USS- INC 



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