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2021 Membership and more!

USS Family,

I want to share with you that we are now transitioning to the Iron Podium 2021 Membership form. You will use your Iron Podium login to go in a purchase that account. The Button in on the HOME page of the USS site for easy access!

Also, any time you register for a USS show in 2021, you will have the option to buy your member ship at registration. If you already have it, it will tell you that you are good to go!

In order to compete at any SANCTIONED USS event, you MUST have a current years' membership. No exceptions.

State Reps,

Thank you for all you do! We will be reaching out to you regarding your membership in the near future.


This is a reminder that Iron Podium is our provider for all things from sanctioning, event registration, scoring, results, memberships, and soon more! This is an integrated system that we have adopted to help GROW the sport through consistency off the competition field. It is imperative that you sanction your event prior to promoting on social media. Until there is an Iron Podium / USS sanction, you show is NOT sanctioned. All sanctions must happen at least six (6) week before the competition. If you delay, your event will not be sanctioned. Should we find that you are promoting in other arenas as a sanctioned show, or are accepting entries prior to sanctioning you may be declined. This is a poor practice and needs to end. Help USS do what is best for the sport!

We have more great announcements coming up... Stay tuned!

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