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Don't Tell Her She's Not Ladylike AF - She IS!

Welcome to 2020 USS Nationals!

LADYLIKE AF is brand built on authenticity. We don’t believe being Ladylike requires any certain demeanor or style, instead we think it’s simply about being true to who you are, and our goal is to support that. Through our various charitable efforts, sponsorships, and tribe mentality, we strive to make an impact. We want women to rise up to their true potential, embracing all of who you are, even if it goes against the mold that was created for you. 

Every purchase you make, enables us to give back in some way. Last year, with your help, we were able to donate over $5,000 to various foundations. Every time you talk about LAF, every time you wear our brand to do what you love, we’re able to reach more women. You help to grow our tribe, empowering more women to break the mold, and embrace what being Ladylike AF truly means.

Thank you, Jamie Popp Christenson Founder- Ladylike AF 

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