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Just 2018 Nats Weights...

The plan was to write some long article about the weights*... But, since we have spoiled you all so much, I guess we will just spit it out already...

I mean seriously, we are only releasing the weights to what is sure to be one of the largest strongman shows ever in the history of the WORLD, so for the love of all that is holy will we hurry it up already?

I mean, c'mon, who releases event more than 6 months before a show like this? Who in their right minds would post the weights over 5 months out?!

I would think that we would have something better to do, but hey...

Oh yeah, thanks to Todd Giorgi and company, HERE is that LINK to the NATS WEIGHTS*!!!

*Please note, as always this information is subject to change. We do not expect it, but it could happen. I mean, the cow jumped over the moon, remember?!

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