My US Strongwoman: USS HW Pro Women's Champ, Mary Cain!

I met my husband on plenty of fish. I was looking for a booty call. I didn't want to get married or have kids. Fate had another plan in mind. We met and married six weeks later and we've been married for six years and have the most awesome Ginga Ninja a mom could want. United States Strongman was the same. I wasn't looking for commitment. I just wanted a good time! I wanted to hit it and quit it. And boom before you knew it I was all in! Equipment started multiplying at our gym like bebe's kids. I asked Jamie for a rock for Christmas and I got more than I asked for...200,220,240,275,300lbs of pure atlas stone love! My first competition was Codye McCanns Southern Belle Feb 2016 (awesome comp btw) then Nationals, then Worlds!

I had had mediocre relationships before. IFBB Pro but there's too much fake tan in that one, state and national powerlifting record holder but too much tiger balm in that one, podiumed in Crossfit but I don't wear bandanas well, Feature twirled at Kansas State University but sequins get old and played club level rugby but I don't like beer out of a boot so none of those relationships fulfilled me the way United States Strongman does!

United States Strongman is a beast of its own! It is you against you! Physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, and mental fortitude! And like any beautiful healthy relationship you and your partner find common ground with other like minded people! United States STRONGMEN and WOMEN are more often than not genuine hard working no nonsense fun loving crazy people that you can fight a good fight against and still share a beer! I could go on and on about my love affair with United States STRONGMAN but the bottom line is no one nighters or walks of shame here! Just like Jamie and Jett Cain...I'm all in for life!

And we are so proud to have you on board! That's for your competitive spirit, your positive attitude and your grace!

(And, of course the ANACONDA HUGS!)

Check out HW PRO Champ Mary Cain's Deadlift!

Willie Wessels, President/Owner

John Albrecht, Vice President

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