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The Keystone State Gets a Veteran Second!

Your United States Strongman is proud to bring on seasoned, veteran promoters that run amazing shows. The best part is they join us because they recognize quality leadership in an organization that is for the athletes by the athletes (FABA)! We are proud to welcome Rob Howe as your co-representative for the great state of Pennsylvania! Here is Rob in his own words:

My introduction to strongman came at time when I needed a change in my training lifestyle. I was hitting the local Golds Gym three to four days per week, cycling powerlifting programs every three to four months and both my body and my mind needed something different. My epiphany occurred one Sunday in January of 2012 when I was watching 2011 WSM. I watched a young Mike Jenkins light the place on fire! It was at that point that I thought to myself, if a guy from Hershey (only 40 mins away) is doing it, then maybe there's a place that I can train strongman.

I did a quick search for a local strongman gym and found one - I was hooked instantly! Over the past 4 years, I've competed in many shows, as well as been a helper and a judge. One thing that has always stuck with me about strongman is that it's the only individual sport that's also a team sport. Where else will you find your fellow competitors cheering you on? Screaming at you to keep going, to get one more rep. It's truly something awesome! That's what strongman is all about, having fun with like-minded lunatics! Because let's be honest, you have to be a little off center to do what we do! I plan to co-represent USS in Pennsylvania by bringing fun and exciting shows to you, the competitor. Shows that you feel you must be a part of!

Welcome to the Revolution!

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