USS Nats Contest Hotel: Downtown Marriott $129 per Night 1.5 blocks from 4th St. Live!

Your US Strongman Team and USS Nationals Promoters has been working feverishly to provide you with the best opportunity to compete on a big stage, have REAL strongman events, have a great time at an amazing location and not break the bank doing it!

In order to make it the best for all of you we have had to change the date of US Strongman Nationals to June 11, 2016! (You might want to jot that down.) We were able to negotiate a better hotel rate on June 11, 2016. Hotels in "destination locations" like Louisville, KY will raise their rates when there are big events in town. (Ever wonder why the Red Roof is so expensive in C-BUS?)

Why did we do all this extra work? Because we actually care about our athletes! Or, dare I say it, our customers! So, here are some fun facts about how the process works for your perusal:

1. We were able to negotiate a significantly better rate on the weekend of June 11th and that is why we switched the date. (Hotels on the 25th were $200+ per night.)

2. We have a large number of athletes so it improves our buying power. We can promise to "block" a certain number of rooms and pass on the savings to you. (We would like you to stay there because the hotel is mad swanky, it is covenient to the contest location and it helps us meet the "block" quota. But, don't worry if we don't meet the quota by a certain deadline we can turn the blocked rooms back over.)

3. We did it 9 months early so we were able to plan for any contingency. (Good business sense?)

4. And, we as an organization do not take a room rate kick back. (In other words you don't pay an extra $50 for your entry fee if you stay somewhere else.) We know this is a hobby. We know you work hard for your money. We appreciate your patronage!

So, come to United Strongman Nationals in Louisville, KY on June 11, 2016. Experience 4th Street Live! Experience 5 REAL strongman events in one day! Enjoy four lanes of equipment with experienced judges! Join us for the after party, where the smiles are geniune and camaraderie is without pretense.

And, please, don't take my word for it, get qualified and come experience the United States Strongman Nationals difference for yourself.

Join the Revolution!

Willie Wessels, President/Owner

John Albrecht, Vice President

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