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Another Veteran Promoter Joins the Revolution in Iowa!

Your United States Strongman is proud to welcome veteran promoter Joe Hesse of Quad City Strongman - Gym and Training to the fold as your co-state representative for Iowa. Here is Joe in his own words:

I first got involved with strongman in December, 2009. I had had been around a gym all of my life, but never focused on any specific type of training, I just went to lift. I was introduced to TJ Carr and a group of guys that were training out of a garage on Saturdays. Starting strongman changed the way I trained and in August, 2010 I competed in my first strongman contest.

By this point I was hooked. I have now competed in over a dozen contests in six different states, and have helped promote seven more. We also just recently wrapped up our second strength & fitness expo that is focused on exposing audiences to multiple avenues for strength & fitness training. What has really drawn me into strongman is the community of lifters that are there to offer advice, cheer you on and push you to new levels. I have met some great people and great competitors over the last five years from all over the country. The other part of strongman that has impressed me is the generosity of the competitors. There have been a number of contests that are charity events and the response is always overwhelming. There are some big competitors with even bigger hearts. I am proud to part of the strongman community and proud to be part of United States Strongman.

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