The Prez Gives a Strongman Nationals History Lesson - The Best Is Yet To Come!

With a week to go to our first Nationals let me give you some stats to think about. In 2002 when I took over NAS we had 48 contest to draw from for that years Nationals. At Nationals that year in St Louis we had 108 competitors.

In USS first year we held 40 contest and have 120 competitors going to Indianapolis IN for Nationals. What's the big deal. I'll tell you. In 2002 was NAS's sixth year in existence. Also NAS had no opposition. This is USS's first year and we are going up against the NAS machine that I helped build. I would say we have done pretty well. I know we can grow USS even more. I have proof it can be done. USS has grown the sport by bringing in new State reps, first time competitors and new contest. This was our goal from the beginning. I believe we are on the right track.

Thank you to everyone involved in make USS grow. I will continue to working on this goal for years to come.




Willie Wessels, President/Owner

John Albrecht, Vice President

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